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Wednesday , May 31 , 2023
"Through Button Eyes" Accolades
"Through Button Eyes" Accolades
Date added: 10/1/2017 11:44:30 PM

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I was more than pleased when I received a personal note from a fellow author friend I’ve known for many years. She is a kind soul, lives several hours away, is a world traveler and has been successful in having a couple books of her own published. Which makes this snail-mailed handwritten note even more special considering her fascinating and busy lifestyle.

Dear Patrick,

I opened “Through Button Eyes” with happy expectations. The origin of the title fascinated me, and I wasn’t disappointed. Bravo to David for honoring his extraordinary mother and what a window through which an author can focus a story. After all, stories are what we hunger for. We can warm our hands, our hearts and our psyches with your anthology.

“Infatuation!” Cynthia is bad to the bone. You devil you!

Congrats to all and success!

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