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Wednesday , May 31 , 2023
About Our Members

Placer Gold Writers come from all walks of life, a diverse set of backgrounds and represent a multitude of talents. While PGW is primarily a writer's group, we encourage and support our members in all of their creative endeavors. Exploring the member bios (on the right), you will find writing samples, artwork, quilts, photography and more.

If you would like to see if Placer Gold Writers is a place for your creativity, please use the contact form to ask for an invitation.

Bio's of Placer Gold Writers

Jenny Berg

Young Adult author, published her first novel in September 2016.

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Evelina Dunn

Writer, Graphic Artist, Editor

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Jane Haworth

Internationally renowned quilting artist and author.

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DL Kent

Romance, mystery and literary fiction writer with a rainbow flair.

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David Loofbourrow

Writer, musician, photographer, web and print graphics designer.

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A. Olsen

Teacher, writer and poet!

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Patrick Witz

Patrick is an award-winning  writer, photographer, and artist. He has been writing for over twenty years.

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